Planning for the Unexpected: Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Businesses


While we can’t predict what disasters or emergencies are looming in the future, business owners can prepare for the unexpected to a certain degree. If company leaders ignore this fact, then failing to plan could be a plan for failure.

Besides minimizing the impact of something like toxic wastewater contamination on your company’s bottom line, having a business disaster or emergency preparedness plan is something business acquirers love to see. Buyers are all about avoiding risk, and planning ahead can decrease some of the risk inherent in each business., a website the Federal Emergency Management Agency set up to help business owners prepare for emergencies, has an emergency plan template [PDF] where entrepreneurs can type in the necessary information and print/save.

If you prefer to create a document customized for your company instead of using FEMA’s template, consider addressing the following areas to plan for a natural disaster or an emergency.

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Due Diligence when selling a busienss

Due Diligence – Disclose, Divulge, Discourse

If the truth is going to kill your deal, then you don’t have a deal. Because if you’re not upfront with your potential buyer and something comes out, they’re going to wonder, “So what else haven’t you told me?”

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Errors To Avoid When Selling Your Company

“Let’s face it – the equation is not balanced. You will most likely only sell one business your entire professional career. Buyers, especially those working for equity firms and corporate strategics, will make dozens of acquisitions in their careers. Because of this, they have the upper hand and can negotiate deals aggressively to their benefit, not yours.”