M&A Digest – Aug. 22, 2014

This week we ask business owners if they’re mentally prepared to their companies, answer common questions like “How do private equity firms operate?” and delve into due diligence issues and advantages to partial sales.

Here are a few common questions about the M&A market:

M&A Digest – Aug 1, 2014

In today’s edition of the M&A Digest, we answer frequently asked questions about succession planning, due diligence and more, as well as address worldwide mergers and acquisitions activity, assumptions to avoid when selling a business, and a recent merger of synergies. As usual, follow the links to read the full pieces.

How To Use Analytics To Create A Rock Star Sales Team

recruiting-hiring-predictive-analytic-toolsAnalytics – while sometimes overwhelming – play an important role in the marketing sphere of a business. It’s easy to look at online ads, identify the ones that have the highest click-through rate, and create more ads like them. However, not all divisions in the corporate world are accustomed to leveraging analytics nor do all departments have data that would be helpful.

One area that doesn’t incorporate analytics is recruiting and human resources. According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2014 report, 86 percent of human resources professionals don’t use analytics at all. But that’s changing.

M&A Digest – July 11, 2014

We have many valuable articles to share with business owners this week. First, there’s a series that discusses the keys to successfully selling a business. Then, you can get an idea of how an investor would value your business today with insight from KLH Capital, as well as learn how entrepreneurs can benefit from active private equity firms and why you should consider adding international acquirers to your prospective buyer list.

M&A Digest – June 27, 2014

The stars are aligning for business owners wanting to sell their companies. In this edition of the M&A Digest, find out why large industry leaders find value in acquiring smaller companies, what’s standing in the way of even higher mergers and acquisitions activity, what many entrepreneurs don’t realize about the market yet, and how much money both private equity firms and corporate strategics have to spend in the market. 

14 Ways to Repurpose Webinar Content to Maximum Its Value

ways-to-repurpose-webinar-contentYour company has decided to do a webinar. Fantastic! You’ll engage your customers or prospects, share your expertise and hopefully convince a few to start doing business with you today.

But the advantages of a webinar don’t have to stop after the webinar is over. Its content can be packaged and repurposed for almost every platform out there. After all, a webinar is just one piece of your content marketing strategy.

Here’s a list of 14 ways you can get more content out a single webinar, grouped by medium. Share it internally with your marketing team and figure out what works within your company’s budget and time constraints. Not every avenue is a perfect fit for every company.

And one last note, use language that your customers and prospects use when repackaging the content. Phrases that your customers use are the most important keywords. 

M&A Digest – June 13, 2014

This week’s M&A Digest has great in-depth looks at the path a business takes in the hands of a private equity firm with real world examples, predictions of future mergers and acquisitions activity, and exit planning. We also examine if family offices have the potential to be buyers for your business.

M&A Digest – May 30, 2014

To begin this edition of the M&A Digest, Carl Doerksen analyzed data shared in PitchBook’s Private Equity Breakdown report to answer common questions business owners have about PE firms, such as:

Then, we explore first quarter data that points toward an upswing in mergers and acquisitions activity, how federal tax reform can affect middle market business owners, and we identify the most active strategic acquirers.

Is Your Retail Business Adapting To These 10 Consumer Trends?

Consumer TrendsOne thing business owners can count on is change. As time marches forward, innovation sparks technological advancements, which can alter consumer behavior.

Here are 10 trends shaping the retail landscape, according to the L.E.K. Consulting team, which counsels companies on strategic issues through analytical analysis. Managing directors Robert Haslehurst and Jon Weber discussed the trends last week in a webinar, “The New Face of Retail: Retail and Consumer Trends Reshaping the Landscape.”

Some of these trends are nothing new but they still have a big impact on how retailers do business. While your company may not be able to leverage every facet, it’s always prudent for business owners to be aware of what’s affecting the market.

M&A Digest – May 9, 2014

We discuss the relationship between IPO activity and M&A activity, the sizes of investments private equity firms make, where interest rates are headed, the formal arrival of values-based due diligence in the acquisition vetting process, and why North America is still the go-to place for business buyers.