7+ Science-Based Things Every Boss Needs To Know About Happiness At Work [Infographic]

Being happy at work isn’t just about work. People that are satisfied with their lives all around are more likely to be happy at work. And productivity is positively influenced by good moods, with happy workers being 31% more productive than unhappy ones, according to an infographic from Happify, a company that uses science and technology to empower people to lead happier lives.

This information is nothing new, but we always need a little nudge every now and then to remind us to review, reflect, and improve our workplace practices to ensure we’re setting our employees and our companies up for success.

Three Tips for Spotting Rising Stars in Your Company

You’ve already hired the most promising job candidates using your list of non-negotiables to weed out the bad hires for your entry-level positions. A few months pass. You’re happy with the hiring decisions, and your newer employees appear satisfied as well. You’ve successfully completed the first hurdle to building a great team. Congrats!

But what’s happens next?

Do you have a process in place to identify and reward those rising stars to increase your chances that they stay on your team? If not, you could lose a future leader and not even know it.

How To Use Analytics To Create A Rock Star Sales Team

recruiting-hiring-predictive-analytic-toolsAnalytics – while sometimes overwhelming – play an important role in the marketing sphere of a business. It’s easy to look at online ads, identify the ones that have the highest click-through rate, and create more ads like them. However, not all divisions in the corporate world are accustomed to leveraging analytics nor do all departments have data that would be helpful.

One area that doesn’t incorporate analytics is recruiting and human resources. According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2014 report, 86 percent of human resources professionals don’t use analytics at all. But that’s changing.

Email Management: 3 Ways To Tackle Your Inbox

Is your email inbox overwhelming? To help you in your quest for an organized and clutter-free inbox, let’s explore three different tactics that helped others take control of email.

How Can I Sleep Better? 4 Tips for Success

A business owner’s health – and his or her employees – is vital to consistent productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep is critical to good health. Here are tips from sleep experts to help you sleep better. 

Who Are The Brand Managers on Your Staff?

You might be looking at this headline and say, “Duh, the marketing team.”

Well, yes and no.

Yes, your marketing team has the specific responsibility of managing your company’s brand and marketing messages.

No, your marketing division is not the only group of people that represent your brand to the outside world.

Let me explain.

One More Benefit of A Great Corporate Culture: Fewer Leaks

If you weren’t already convinced that having a positive corporate culture is essential to your company’s success, especially if you’re planning to sell your business at some point, here is one more reason to develop a culture that makes other CEOs jealous: fewer leaks.

The Only 3 Holiday Gifts That Your Employees Are Guaranteed To Love

holiday-gift-for-employeesWhen you’re brainstorming about ways to show your appreciation this holiday season, there are really only three gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on your employees’ faces.

How To Spot Promising Employees When Interviewing

Hiring the wrong person is costly. Not only does it cost you time and money but it also is mentally draining for you and your staff.

To make sure that you hire the right person the first time around, you should create a list of non-negotiable traits that all potential employees must exhibit. But that’s only part of the process when hiring a good fit for your company.

Another area that will help you when hiring a new employee is focusing on the types of questions the job candidate asks of you. This gives you insight into how the person thinks, what they’re looking for in an employer, and what kind of experiences they’ve had in the past.

Getting To The Wow Factor: How To Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations

It’s no secret that it’s harder to focus in today’s world with its smartphones, our constant use of the Internet, and social media platforms that update every second – it’s a wonder that we’re actually able to focus and get work done.

What are the implications of this new reality for owners of small and mid-sized businesses?

More things than ever before are fighting for our attention, which means that if a company wants to survive – and even thrive – it has to find something that makes it stand apart, something that makes its customers say, “Wow.” Because “wow” clients are loyal clients and will tell others about their “wow” experience with you.

Last week I attended a lecture given by Michael Hyatt, author of Platform: Get Noticed in A Noisy World, on intentional leadership. He made some great points, but one that really struck me was his discussion about exceeding customer expectations.